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Are you a woman who owns a business?

Do you work from home?

Have you ever felt lonely as you sit in your office, day after day, by yourself?

Do you feel as if you don’t know ‘enough’?

Ever felt like a fraud?

Tired of feeling guilty for all this stuff?

Well, my friend, you are not alone!

Here at Classy on the Outside, we talk about the silent struggles of being an entrepreneur. We talk about the shit that no one talks about.

We know that even though we might all look professional and polished on the outside, the inside is often a whole other story. So, let’s talk about it!

But Why?

We talk about this stuff so that we can all do better.

When you’re not alone, when you don’t feel crappy about you and your business, you are much more likely to keep on going and to make your contribution to the world. 

Once you discover the power of knowing you’re not alone, you’ll be not only surviving this whole entrepreneurship thing but you’ll be thriving!

Start connecting today.

Connecting with other female entrepreneurs and solopreners going through the same stuff is a lifesaver! That’s why this podcast and website exist.

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