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Are you looking to get clarity in your business?

Perhaps you are feeling stuck on something right now. Or you might be stuck in your own head, ruminating on this hamster wheel of thoughts that go round and round with no answers in sight.

That’s not a fun place to be! I feel your pain if that describes you right now.

Owning and running a business is wonderful but it also comes with some crappy stuff, like making hard decisions.

If you tuned in to the episode with Louise Henry, you heard how she started three different businesses. That conversation inspired me so much that I created a free exercise. It’s going to help you get some clarity and get un-stuck (technical term there!).

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Take a listen and let’s walk through these 10 questions together. You’ll want to tune in to this episode since I explain things in more detail with helpful, real-world examples to help you out.


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