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About Classy on the Outside

it all started with a joke

Classy on the Outside was born out of a running joke among three friends: Jeanne, Julie and Brittany. These three friends happened to think they were hilarious and always said they should have a YouTube channel so the world could share in their humor.

Well, a year later, the YouTube channel still hadn’t happened.

One day, Brittany was talking to Joanna about said YouTube channel and how her life and the lives of Jeanne and Julie made for fantastic humor because of the sheer awkwardness that surrounded all of them. Joanna encouraged Brittany to just go for it.

Then came the name

Pretty soon Heidi was added to the plan (due to a no-booze-allowed fundraiser for high school kids where two of the friends ended up smashed) and the inaugural filming of Classy on the Outside happened that next day, complete with mimosas.

While still a work in progress, Classy on the Outside evolved from a joke into something more real. Women everywhere compare themselves to others all day, every day, each thinking the next woman is better and has her shit together more than the rest.

But that just isn’t true. We all don’t know what the hell we’re doing from time to time (okay, maybe more often) and despite the calm, poised exterior there’s so much awkwardness and insecurity inside all of us! 


It’s time we let it out

Let’s stop hiding all that real stuff (the flaws, the awkwardness, the insecurities) that we tend to keep hidden on the inside, ok?

Watch out world, because Classy on the Outside is all about being real and airing the behind-the-scenes reels instead of just the polished, practiced highlights.

We know when to be professional but we also need a community we can be real with. That’s exactly what Classy on the Outside is all about and you, my fellow female entrepreneur, have come to the right place.

Because even though we might all look like we have it together on the outside, the inside is often a different story. And we’re ready to embrace it!

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