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How does one go from burnt out to abundant? Good question!


que today’s guest

Audree Kate Lopez, or more commonly known as Audree Kate, joins the podcast today to tell us how she went from being burnt out, working more hours of the day than not, to abundance.


juggling it all

Audree Kate runs three (that’s right, three) businesses. At the same time. And manages to keep her sanity–while even enjoying it, if you can believe it.

But it wasn’t always this way for her. As with most of us trying to do everything, she got to a point where she felt burnt out from doing it all.


Just say no

That’s when she learned the abundance that comes from saying no. It might seem counterintuitive, but Audree Kate explains how she pulled herself out of that place of burn out by saying no more often. She also stopped trying to make everyone else happy, practiced being grateful and decided to take time to celebrate how far she’s come.


Tune in

So friend, will you tune in to my chat with Audree Kate today? It might mean saying no to something else, but that’s actually a good thing. (You’ll understay why once you have a listen!)


Links mentioned in the show:
StyleCaster blog
Audree Kate’s website


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