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When it comes to being awkward, I pretty much take the crown there. Awhile back I asked my Instagram peeps (did I just try to be cool there?) if they wanted me to share the reason why I call myself the CAO of Classy on the Outside. The answer was a resounding YES.


What’s a CAO?

CAO stands for Chief Awkwardness Officer. It’s genius really: it’s a fitting business title for me because I’m full of awkwardness. Also, it makes me feel special because then I get to be a C-Level fancy person, yes?


All in good fun

If you tune in, you’re going to hear some hilariously awkward situations I got myself into during a week-long trip to Vail, Colorado, last year. But rest assured this episode is all in good fun. It’s not one of those “oh poor me, I’m so awkward” situations–oh no! It’s meant to make you laugh.


But isn’t this podcast about business stuff?

Yep, sure is. Trust me when I tell you that awkwardness abounds for me in both business and life, although that’s kinda splitting hairs. I’m alive, and I’m the business owner, so therefore isn’t life business and business life?

At any rate, business and life are closely integrated. Which is why talking about the awkward things is important, whether they happen in a work meeting or in a little shop in one of the richest resort towns in America. (I might be making that up, but I feel like that must be accurate.)


Now you

I hope you get a laugh and feel a little better about your own awkward moments after you take a listen to this podcast episode.

Also, I hope you join me over in my private Podcast Insiders group to continue this discussion. If you have a glass of wine with me, you might even persuade me to tell you about my super-awkward, majorly cringeworthy situation that happened during a business meeting. It still makes me squirm because it’s so damn awkward.

See you there?




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