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What is a podcast reveal?

As you know, I’ve been hosting this podcast for female entrepreneurs for just over a year now. What you may (or may not) have picked up on from previous episodes is that I have been keeping the podcast a secret.


The {Business} struggle is real

I’ve been selectively telling a few people here and there about the podcast over the last few months. There are many reasons that I’ve kept it to myself, but the primary reason: fear. Fear of what people will think when they tune in and hear me swearing and hear that I’m imperfect and struggle with doubts and not having all the answers.

Business is a struggle, and it’s not just the commonly talked about stuff that’s hard to get through. For some reason, it’s more acceptable to talk about the long hours we as entrepreneurs work or the crazy client stories that we collect. It’s not as acceptable, yet, to discuss the stuff like impostor syndrome and perfectionism and the importance of self care and the other intangible struggles that I regularly talk about on this podcast.


the podcast gets announced on social media

Well, I finally did it and made an announcement about the podcast on my LinkedIn profile. It was scary and I almost didn’t hit that little ‘publish’ button, believe you me! That fear and my perfectionist tendencies were threating to hold me back again.


The business lessons learned

So, what did I learn after my ‘big reveal’ of the podcast? You’ll have to tune in to this episode to find out! I don’t want to spoil it for you, but there are some takeaways you can carry with you if you’re hiding your own business venture or side hustle like I have been.


Now, you reveal your own business venture!

What side gig or project have you been secretly working on, hiding it from the world out of fear of judgement? I challenge you to go tell people about it today. Create a post on social media and let people know about it!

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