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Guys, this is gonna be short and sweet. (Wait..scratch that. Short and…REAL.)

Some days, the little things add up. This week has been a long week. I have no idea why, it’s not been that horrible. Unless, of course, you count the effing polar vortex in Minnesota (helllooooooooo 50 degree below zero windchill!).

Me? I’m lucky I haven’t had to leave the house since Monday.

But you know those little things, like MailChimp not doing what you want it to do. And you tear your hair out because it’s pissing you off and literally makes NO sense at all. And when your house smells like sewer and your husband thinks you’re mildly crazy because he can’t smell it–but, turns out the damn polar vortex clogged up your vents so it’s an icy shit show on the roof and that explains the smell.

Oh, and don’t forget how that fucking inner critic is incessantly chattering in your ear ALL day long, and even at  night when you’re trying to get some damn sleep. And how you have literally zero clues as to how you’re going to make enough money for the year. And how everything is just being fucking stupid all at once because, why not?

Like I said, the little things add up.

Oh wait–one more. That guilt that’s whacking me upside the head as I sit and type this because I know I have a fantastic life and so many blessings and yet, here I am, complaining.

But. I know these days happen. I know we all have them. I know I’ll get through it. With a little help from my friend that I like to call Wine. (Judge me if you want. I won’t care after I finish this next glass.)

Anyway, the point is…I know we all have these days. And they’re not fun when coupled with the guilt that just inevitably comes with it. So I had to share my little funny moment when I searched out “sarcastic memes” on Pinterest.

The funny part?

Pinterest’s second option was to add “bitchy” to my search.

Well, at least someone gets me. Thanks Pinterest! (And wine!)

Cheers, bitches!

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