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2/13/2020 Update: Cobblestone Creative was closed down so some links were removed. 

Building businesses

Building a business is hard work! And building several businesses? Definitely hard work–and more like a roller coaster ride. Kate Boyd joins us to talk about her experiences building various businesses.


the interesting experiences of business owners

Ask anyone who has ever built one business (let alone several!) and I bet they would have some interesting stories to share with you.

That’s certainly the case with podcast guest Kate Boyd!

It was so great having Kate on the show and getting to hear about her journey from college student to owner of Cobblestone Creative. Oh, and of course a couple of other successful businesses she created while on that journey.


making business decisions

Anyone else ever struggle with making decisions?

On the episode, Kate also talks about her decision-making process when new ideas pop up. Who couldn’t use a little more help with this?!


sharing her business journey

Rather than asking Kate a whole bunch of questions about a certain topic, I asked her to come on in and simply share her story with us.

It’s so important that we as women in business start to share our journeys with each other. We need to open up not only about the successes but also the less-than-perfect experiences throughout our own business journeys.


being honest about being in business

Being honest about both the highs and lows of being in business is something that can really help us all out and allow us to lift each other up when the going gets tough–and you can bet at some point, it will.

That’s what this whole idea of Classy on the Outside is all about, after all.

Take a listen to this episode if you’re in business, starting a business or even just trying something new in 2019.


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