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If you read the episode title and thought “Yes, I need to burn my business model to the ground and start fresh!” then hit play. Right now.

Laura Pennington Briggs joins me on today’s episode to talk about this very thing.


Her journey

Laura started out a few years ago as a freelancer and soon began managing a team of people in her business.

Unfortunately, she also discovered that where her journey was leading was not where she wanted to be.

So, she burned her business model to the ground.


A fresh (business) start

Once she realized she didn’t want to manage people, she realized a few other things as well. And took action on them.

That led to the revolutionizing of her business where she fired clients, parted ways with team members and became a hell of a lot more choosy.

Sounds scary, right? But so worth it!


Courage…and advice

Completing tearing down your business certainly takes a ton of courage! And since Laura has been there, done that, she has some incredibly helpful pointers for fellow freelancers and solopreneurs.

For starters, she shares two major tips that will help you pinpoint your best areas in business. You’re also going to hear about the three things Laura would have done differently when she first started as a solopreneur.

And, we discuss burnout: how to spot it (it’s sneaky!) and some tips to prevent it.

You do not want to miss this episode if you’re a freelancer or a solopreneur! Tune in for a short but full episode.

Links mentioned in the show:
Laura’s website
Link to pre-order Laura’s book
Laura’s Facebook page



P.S. If you’re not really sure what the hell you’re good at and you’ve been on this vicious cycle of trying and failing at figuring it out on your own, I have a free resource to help you out. 

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