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Business and politics: do they mix? Or are they two things that should be kept completely separate from each other?


Podcast disclaimer

Before diving into this episode, there’s one big thing you have to know first. It’s not about politics! (Yes, I know, the title includes the word “politics.”) But the purpose of this entire episode is to spark a conversation among you and other entrepreneurs and solopreneurs like you–not about your political views, but rather about whether or not you share your political views with other people.

In short: we won’t be discussing who believes what and who agrees with what political party.

Business owners & politics

Social media offers us an easy way to share our opinions on anything from cream cheese to the weather to–of course–politics. This topic is much more heated than what’s going on with the weather (usually!) so it’s fraught with tension.

Some entrepreneurs lay it all out there, on social media and in person, choosing to share with anyone who cares to listen what their political beliefs are. Other business owners are more guarded, only sharing their thoughts offline. And still others, maybe you as a fellow solopreneur, decide to say nothing and post nothing at all related to your political beliefs.

The question I have for you is whether you, as someone who runs a business, use social media and/or in-person conversations to talk about your political opinions.

Or, do you keep your political thoughts and opinions to yourself because you don’t want to offend or alienate anyone?


a question for my fellow female entrepreneurs

I want to hear from you after you listen to this episode.

First of all, have you ever consciously chosen to share, or not to share, your political opinions with other people?

Do you take into consideration the fact that by sharing your political opinion as someone in business you run the risk of (potentially) alienating clients or customers?

And, if you decide to keep quiet about what you believe or who you align with in the political arena, does that mean you’re kind of hiding who you are in a way?

I have so many questions for you!


Join the instagram discussion

I would love for you to pull up your Instagram app and start a conversation with me–and other business owners!

Head to the Classy on the Outside profile to add your two cents.

And, please, keep it civil! We’re not actually debating political views here, as a reminder. We’re just discussing what you choose to do when it comes to mixing business and politics–or not.

See you on Instagram!

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