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What do your business beliefs have to do with boundaries and balance? A lot, as it turns out!


Tara Wagner joins me on the podcast today. She is a belief breakthrough coach so we dive right in to what that means and how mindset really impacts your business.

Anyone who has ever felt burnt out or resentful of their business, this is a must-listen for you! Tara talks about changing your mindset and some factors that can mess with how you run your business.



From business beliefs we move on to the huge topic of boundaries. Tara gives a helpful overview of what boundaries are, how to set them and how to get more respect because of them.

And for us people-pleasers, Tara lays out how to start using the word ‘no’ as a complete sentence. I don’t know about you but that’s something I could definitely use more help with!



Work/life balance: a  magical unicorn of a myth? Or is it really achievable?

More importantly, Tara tells us how to focus on work/life harmony instead of balance. We also talk about giving yourself permission to find that harmony, because like most things in life it doesn’t always come easily.



At the end of the episode I also ask Tara a fun question about working from home. If you want a laugh, make sure you listen in until the end so you can find out what the weirdest experience she’s had as a solopreneur. (You’ll also want to check out her YouTube channel afterwards I suspect!)

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Links from the show:
Tara’s website
YouTube channel
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