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Allison Nelson, co-owner of The Nelson Shop, shares her story of having courage in business and life.

This fun lady started out in the corporate world like so many of us entrepreneurs do, then wound her way through some career decisions to get to her current position of both mom and business owner.

Allison made some courageous decisions along the way. Listen in to this podcast episode where you’ll spot several situations that require a whole lotta courage, like:

  • Admitting you’re wrong or that you screwed up (ugh!)
  • Doing what YOU need to do, even when people don’t get it
  • Prioritizing your life and willingness to miss out on some stuff
  • Seeking out new experiences
  • Saying ‘no’ when requests come at you that involve money and something totally wrong for you or your business
  • Taking control of your schedule and your LIFE through timeblocking

I know, you might be thinking that timeblocking has nothing to do with courage. But oh, my friend, just wait until you hear the practical tips Allison shares on timeblocking and how it has freed up more white space in her schedule. You know, for things like resting. (Have I got your attention yet?)

If you’ve ever questioned your path in your business or life in general, then you definitely need to grab your headphones and listen in as Allison shares her relatable journey.

Links mentioned in the show:

Allison’s website
Allison’s Instagram
Allison’s Facebook page

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