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Can introverts be successful entrepreneurs? {Spoiler alert: abso-freakin-lutely!} Adria DeCorte joins us again this week for a discussion about being introverted as an entrepreneur, the pressures and challenges that come with that and a few tips on overcoming those challenges. Grab your headphones, fellow introverts!


Do you have to be extroverted to own a business?

I asked Adria this question because some days, it seems like you really “should” be an extrovert if you’re in business for yourself. From selling to phone calls to networking and everything in between, some days an introvert just can’t win!

Of course, you do not have to be extroverted in order to be an entrepreneur. It can feel that way, but Adria and I talk about a few things that will help our fellow introverted entrepreneurs.


tips on owning your introversion

First of all, let’s start with owning our introverted tendencies and making them work for us rather than against us. Adria has some great tips on this that she shares in the podcast, but here are a few highlights:

  1. Play to your strengths
  2. Your value is not in your performance
  3. Let yourself show up
  4. Practice compassion for your voice
  5. It’s okay to be imperfect


the fear of being judged as an introvert is real

A lot of people are afraid of being judged, but introverts especially seem to have a deeper or more prevalent fear of this.

You can listen to Adria describe how this has impacted her in the show. She also shares even more helpful advice on how to overcome this fear:

  1. Be (compassionately) you
  2. Everything is growth–there are no ‘mistakes’
  3. See your own worth


reading material for introverted entrepreneurs

There is a lot of great information packed into this short episode, so I encourage all my fellow introverts to listen in. (Put your headphones in, I know you’ve been looking for an excuse to tune out the rest of the world anyway!)

One other helpful little tip that Adria discusses is the book Quiet. (Yes, if you click this link and buy something I get a little commission. But I’ve read the book and actually own it so I do recommend it.) It’s all about how introverts can use their tendencies to their own advantage in business and in life.

Check it out after you listen to the podcast!



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