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Do you have clear messaging for your business? If not, you could be losing out on opportunities to connect with the people you want to work with. Learn how to clarify your business message with help from the amazing Adria DeCorte on this week’s podcast episode.


Introduction of the podcasts

Do you remember the fabulous podcast episode from 2019 that featured Jenna and Ashley from Eff Perfect? (If you don’t, I highly recommend taking some time to listen to it!)

Jenna reached out to me recently to introduce another amazing podcaster, Adria DeCorte. I’m so glad Jenna introduced us over email, because she’s dropping some amazing tips on clarifying your business message today!


what does it mean to clarify your business message?

We probably all know by now that connecting with the people you want to work with is kinda important. (Okay, really important.) Does it ever feel like there are barriers in the way of that connection though?

One way to cut through a lot of those barriers is to make sure that your business messaging is clear and that it conveys the mission or the reason behind your work.


what will clarifying your business message do for your business?

Once you have a clearer message about what you’re doing with your business, it’s amazing what can happen. Put simply, having that clear messaging can communicate the value in your work and can help position you as a leader in your field or your industry.


What if you don’t have a clear message?

We know what a clear business message can do for your business, but what happens if you have a message that’s unclear? Or maybe no message at all?

One side effect could be that it’s hard for you to let people see you. I don’t know about you, but that sure resonates for me and my business!

Having an unclear message also means you likely can’t communicate with your target audience quite as easily. It won’t feel as natural, which all adds up to missing out on those connections.


Tips on clarifying your business messaging

Adria isn’t leaving her fellow female entrepreneurs hanging! She’s got you covered with a few tips on how to start clarifying your business messaging:


  1. Take your ‘expert’ hat off for a moment
  2. Look through the eyes of the people you’re trying to connect with
  3. Avoid jargon/flowery language that your potential clients likely won’t naturally use
  4. Determine your potential clients’ worries and concerns
  5. Channel all of that into your business message to create connections


things to remember about the process

First and foremost, remember this quote from Adria:

Clear over clever. 

If you remember nothing else from this episode, remember this.

Your business will also benefit from you remembering that clarifying your messaging isn’t a quick process. It’s going to take some time and it’s not necessarily all that simple. Plus, it’s evolving so it will change as your business changes.

Do you have a clear business message, or is this something you’re working toward? Join me on Facebook for this and more great conversations!


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