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How do you find the courage to create your life? 

Baby steps

Courage isn’t something that happens overnight. Getting the courage to create a life that you love, and perhaps a business or source of income too, is a process that involves baby steps. And getting uncomfortable.

Courage means facing resistance when you sit down to write that blog or hit publish on that podcast episode.

Courage means facing down fear, daily, when you’re daring to build a life or a business (or both) that’s creative.


Want to achieve your goals?

Do you want to change your life? Do you want to chase down your goals and actually achieve them? Do you want to live out your dreams?

Of course you do! (And if not, well, then this episode ain’t for you.)

You’re going to need courage. And I hope you just heard the Cowardly Lion’s voice as you read that. I sure did as I was typing it!

You’re also going to have to be okay with failure. And rejection.

The details

If you’re an aspiring author, you definitely need to tune in and listen to Andi Eaton share what it’s really like to write a book. She’s done it twice now. And she’s working on a third.

If you’re not an aspiring author but you’re someone who wants to do some big things, then you also need to tune into this episode.

Andi’s advice for people chasing big dreams is gold!


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