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You guys. I did a thing. (As the kids say these days.)

I just recorded, edited and published my first podcast episode that features a guest.

*insert applause here*

I’m still rather amazed that it happened at all. I spent some time searching for blogs about impostor syndrome, preferably by a woman in business. I sorted through several of the typical ‘fluff’ pieces that have words but not actual, useful content and happened upon Lauren Bacon’s blog post, Expert Enough.

I read through it, nodding along, and quickly clicked on Take 2, the follow up, where I kept on nodding along.

Then I emailed Lauren. Cold.

I sent her a short little note and asked her if there was any chance she’d be up for a podcast interview. I really didn’t know what to expect, and after I sent it I thought “Oh damn, I’ve become that crazy idiot who reaches out to introduce themselves to someone online and immediately asks for something.”

Not expecting much, I was amazed when Lauren replied. Not only that, but she said she would love to be on my podcast! So we did the interview and had a fabulous chat over our computers, despite some technology glitches.

In the interest of being real, I had no idea how to edit the audio until this week. After we recorded, I taught myself (with a little help from Adobe and the internet!) how to do some basic edits and voila–my first ever podcast episode with a guest is now published! Took me less than a week from interview to publishing.

And, more being real here, I do not have the patience for the tedious job of editing audio so I did minimal edits. (That still took me 4+ hours.) Good thing Classy on the Outside is all about being real, otherwise I’d never have this thing published!

I’m really excited and rather proud of myself for making this happen. And, of course, super grateful to the lovely Lauren for her willingness to chat with me!

Impostor Syndrome

Now to the point: this episode is soooooo good. Lauren and I discuss impostor syndrome.

It’s the inner d-bag. (Lauren’s term.)

If you’re like most of us on the planet and have some impostor syndrome going on, you need to listen to this episode. Your business will thank you for it!


Podcast thoughts

Two more things: First, check out my podcast which is currently only available on Anchor. Second, go check out Lauren’s website.

Okay, three things: Let me know what you think of the podcast!


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