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Creating one business from multiple passions

As human beings, we all generally have more than one thing we’re interested in or passionate about. It can seem impossible though to create one business or one brand out of multiple passions–especially when those passions aren’t at all related.

But here’s some good news: combining seemingly unrelated passions into one very successful business is totally achievable! Case in point? Today’s guest, Zanetta Kok, who founded Kitty Town Coffee. I first heard about her and her fun business on Cathy Heller’s Don’t Keep Your Day Job podcast. Zanetta joins us today to talk about her entrepreneurial journey in bringing her two passions to  life in one fabulous business.


Two opposite passions, one business idea

Zanetta loves cats. (She’s my people!) She also enjoys coffee. But how on earth did she think to combine these two interests into one successful business idea? She shares a bit about that on the episode today, including a funny story about civet coffee (which, you’ll be pleased to know, is not a product that Kittytown Coffee sells).

And honestly, if people out there are making money selling cat-poop coffee, your seemingly unrelated interests can totally be combined successfully into one business!


facing resistance with your business

You probably want to be prepared for a few things though before you launch your business that features an unusual combination of interests. For one, thing, you will likely face resistance. Not everyone is going to understand or appreciate this new business idea of yours–and that’s okay. (See Zanetta’s anecdote about civet coffee as evidence of this.)

The key is to find something that motivates you to keep building your business even when you’re facing resistance. Zanetta’s got a great story about a raving fan that keeps her going when resistance shows up for her. And, it’s something you can definitely replicate for yourself and your own business.


Entrepreneurship is a mental game

Another thing you’ll want to know before starting a business: entrepreneurship is a total mental game. You know those little quirks of yours? Well, for one thing, those little ‘quirks’ get amplified through your business. After all, your business is an extension of you, right? So it makes sense that if you’re unorganized your business may become disorganized as well.

Don’t sweat it! Take Zanetta’s advice to be aware of it so you can correct it without letting it get you down.


advice for new entrepreneurs

I asked Zanetta what advice she wishes she had received as a new female entrepreneur. It turns out, she’s actually kind of glad she didn’t know how hard business was going to be before she got into it.

But she does have a few words of wisdom for you new and aspiring entrepreneurs out there. Mainly, she wants you to remember that even though it seems like other business owners know everything and have it all under control…they don’t.

Entrepreneurship is a journey with lots of learning. Don’t let this fact hold you back from starting your business though, because we’re all experiencing that same journey of constantly learning. (And feeling like we don’t know what the hell we’re doing.)


persevering in your business

We wrap up the episode with a discussion about that fine line between being real and authentic without venturing into plain old complaining and negativity.

Zanetta also touches on the importance of persevering as a business owner. You have to keep trying, even when it seems like what you’re trying isn’t working. Remember, entrepreneurship is a journey filled with learning.

Keep at it and have the courage to combine your multiple passions into one business!


Links mentioned in the show:
Kittytown Coffee website


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