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How do you go from being at a soul-sucking day job to being an energized entrepreneur? Today’s guest, Katrina Widener, fills us in on her journey into entrepreneurship and drops several helpful pointers for us.


Unsatisfying corporate job

This will sound familiar to many of us, since so many female entrepreneurs start their journey at a corporate business that…let’s face it…sucks.

This describes Katrina’s journey as well, since she started working for a corporation that was pretty big. She moved on to a smaller company a bit later on, but it was the same story: soul-sucking day job. She dreaded going to her 9 to 5, she was depressed and she knew she needed a change.

But what?


pivoting her business

One thing Katrina knew was that she needed variety, freedom and to be able to help people. A friend of hers helped her see a little more clearly who she was which helped her make a pivot.

This pivot allowed her to use her business skills and to be more fulfilled because she was doing something she loved–helping people.

In a sense, she was giving herself permission to make more than one pivot–first within her career and then within her own business.


Is your business aligned with you?

One very important question Katrina addresses is whether or not the businesses we start are actually aligned with who we are. She even gives us her recipe for making a go of a business: hard work (not hustling 24/7, sorry Gary Vee!), mindset and alignment.

So, is your business aligned with you and your values? Courtesy of Katrina, here are some questions to check in on that:

  • Are you constantly hustling and don’t even like what you’re doing? (If you’re not excited about it, no one else will be, either!)
  • Are you trying to be everywhere all the time?
  • How many projects are you working on right now?
  • Are you putting in 60 hour work weeks “just because”?
  • Are you putting 100% of your energy toward what you’re working on? Or is it more like 60% or even 30%?

Becoming an energized entrepreneur

It’s not necessarily easy to be someone who is in alignment with her business. But, as Katrina tells us, it’s important. Also, you need to take care of yourself. Also known as practicing self-care, which is a whole other topic that we’ve covered previously. (Side note: if you need some self care ideas, I got you covered!)


Business books

I also made Katrina, an avid reader, choose her top three books she recommends that everybody read. She mentioned two business books and one that’s a little less business-minded. Jot down her recommendations if you need some new books to refresh your library.

Enjoy the show!


Links mentioned in the show:
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