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Fear and business…sounds like quite the odd couple, no?

Truth is, we all face fears in our businesses.

one common fear

What if I told you that all of us entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, business owners and anyone who has anything to do with business all share one common fear?

We’re all afraid of not being good enough.

That one common fear is often the root cause of other fears we have in our businesses.


Going against decades of training

We’ve been taught since we were tiny humans that we should ‘fit in’ and not stand out. So it makes total sense that our fears stem from wanting to fit in and belong, doesn’t it?

No one likes being laughed at (with the exception of comedians, perhaps) so we do what we can to prevent that from happening.

We learn to blend in.

But that’s a problem when you are in business for yourself.


You gotta stand out

You’ve probably been asked what sets your business apart from the competition before. In other words, how do you stand out?

Well, standing out in business is important. And that’s the exact opposite of what most of us have been conditioned to do for the past few decades of our lives.

So how do we overcome our fears so we can stand out (in a good way!) with our businesses?


Three tips to deal with fear

Tune in to today’s episode with Jane Mountain of My Five Acres. As a travel blogger and someone who has a fun and creative lifestyle, Jane knows a thing or two about dealing with fears.

In fact, Jane shares her top three tips for dealing with fear when it creeps up in your business.

Tune in for all kinds of helpful goodness on conquering your fears as a business owner!


Links mentioned in the show:
Jane’s blog post on fear
My Five Acres



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