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How can getting curious about entrepreneurs & anxiety possibly be of help to you and your business? Great question!


Anxiety as an entrepreneur

If you are a regular listener, you likely tuned in to the recent episode with Vikki Louise where we discussed anxiety and how that impacts us entrepreneurs. This episode drills down on a more specific example of how anxiety can impact you as an entrepreneur.


real-life business example

You know me and examples: give me a hint of saloon and I’m in!

Oh wait…that’s a line from The Devil Wears Prada. Oops.

But I do like examples. Examples of everyday situations in business make things more relatable. This episode is no different!

I’ve been realizing lately that I’m super anxious about working from home in general. As a solopreneur, I run a business, I work part-time as a W2 employee, and I host this podcast. As you can imagine, days can get a little bonkers sometimes.

But there are days when I’m efficient at my work and finish “early.” I put that in quotes because really, as an entrepreneur or someone running your own schedule, what does “early” even mean?


the short & long of running a business

This whole idea got me thinking about why I was so anxious, and it seems that it’s tied together. When I am efficient and finish up before 5:30 in the evenings, I tend to feel guilty. Or anxious. Or both.

I think it stems from having this little rule in my head that I must work eight hour days–or else! That’s  an understandable mentality coming from someone who held down a full time job for most of her life. But it’s also unhelpful.


Help for anxious entrepreneurs

Do you remember the episode where I interviewed Kathy Frogosa? If not, go back and take a listen to it.

In that episode, Kathy mentions something she adapted from the duo that hosts the Eff Perfect podcast. If you want to know where this odd feeling of anxiety or guilt is coming from (like I pointed out earlier), get curious about it. Be aware of it. Then, show yourself compassion for the weird shit you discover from this little exercise.

In my example, I feel anxious and guilty when I don’t work a “full” eight hour day because I used to be in roles where you worked for eight hours and that was considered “good.” It didn’t matter if you got work done, not really. Punch in for eight hours and then go home and that’s your accomplishment for the day. (Yuck.)

Now, as an entrepreneur, I am so amazingly lucky to have the freedom to run my own schedule. And be more efficient. And not sit at a desk for eight hours just to sit at a desk for eight hours.

If I hadn’t used this little exercise though, I’d still be scratching my head and wondering just where the heck this anxious-guilty combination was coming from!


important podcast announcement

One last thing.

This episode is my last planned episode for 2019. That’s right, I’m giving myself permission to focus on my clients, my job and all the personal things that come with two holidays and a birthday in the next month and a half.

I’ve been thinking about it for so long because I don’t want to lose you as a listener! But then I thought, I do have 50-some episodes available for you to binge on. So you’ll be fine on your own for a few weeks.

Plus, you just never know when I may come back with a spontaneous episode between now and 2020.

You can always find me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest in the meantime if you want to chat and be entertained.

So, please stay tuned! And, keep in touch by becoming a VIP Insider. Just drop your name and email below. I’ll be reaching out to my VIPs regularly.

See you soon!



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