guide to getting un-stuck

The no-B.S. guide to uncover your awesome-ness

and finally move forward in your business



Are you feeling stuck when it comes to your business?

Like no matter what you try, you just aren’t moving forward?

Are you tired of that vicious cycle of trying to figure out what you’re awesome at, but never quite getting there?

And it seems like you’re always ending up back in that miserable place of feeling stuck with no hope to break that cycle?



Get yourself un-stuck

Get past that hopeless, miserable feeling and figure out your next move with this no-B.S. guide.

Get clarity

Get clear on your awesome-ness and what you love to do.


Strategically narrow your focus to leverage your strengths and create your path forward.

Take charge

Get practical action steps to take charge of your business–and sanity–again.

Move forward

Do the work and move forward, out of that cycle of being stuck all the time.

Get clarity and focus

Start figuring shit out and get clarity and focus. Right now. 

What You Get (for $8.99)

  • 13 practical action steps
  • 20+ page guide
  • Non-cheesy help to move forward
  • Help finding your awesome-ness
  • A thorough guide to getting un-stuck
  • Resources to improve yourself and your business
  • Downloadable PDF document
  • Immediate action to move you forward

Start moving forward today

Download the guide and start working on yourself and your business to move forward now.

Tired of being stuck?

Then this comprehensive, 13-step guide is your ticket to freedom. It’s chock-full of practical, actionable steps that aren’t cheesy. They’re not full of fluffy bullshit like you’ll find everywhere else online. (I know, I’ve looked.)

It all starts with you.

Are you ready to stop that never-ending cycle of telling yourself that you’re never good at anything? Are you sick of feeling like crap about yourself?

Are you ready to finally moved forward in your business?

Your inner critic is telling you that you’re not good at anything. It’s telling you that some downloadable guide isn’t going to help you because you’re just too dumb, not good enough or whatever other crap it makes up.

Don’t believe everything you think.

You deserve to be successful. You deserve to wake up and enjoy the work you’re doing. You are worthy of having a successful business.

And your business is worth investing in!


ready to get un-stuck?

You, and your business, are worth investing in. It’s time to get your business out of that ‘stuck’ place.


Still got questions? Take a peek at some commonly asked ones:

Is this really non-cheesy?

Yup! Cheesy self-help is not my thing. I also hate group hugs and touchy-feely shit. You’re not going to find that sort of thing here. 

How is this guide different?

Well, let’s start with the fact that I created it after searching through dozens and dozens of Google results and finding nothing like it. 

Like you, I was searching for a practical path forward in my business. Like you, I couldn’t find anything helpful online. Sure, there were bits and pieces of what I needed but nothing practical; nothing was out there that showed me exactly how to get un-stuck. 

That’s why I created this guide. 

How much does this cost?

The real question should be: what investment am I looking at here, but that’s another topic. 

This costs you $8.99. For 13 steps and 20+ pages of practical help, sans the fluffy bullshit.

Invest $8.99 and watch yourself thrive instead of just survive your business.

Who is this for?

Are you unsure of what you’re good at? 

Are you not sure what product or service to create and sell? 

Have you felt as though you have zero talent?

Do you need a little help moving your business forward?

Are you contemplating a career or industry change?

Then this guide is for you. It’s safe to say this guide is going to get you un-stuck whether you own a business, work for an employer or are not even employed at all.

If you need a change and aren’t exactly sure what, then you need this guide.

What if I don’t like it?

If you don’t find any of this guide helpful, email me for a refund. 

Fair warning: I will ask you if you did the work. I’ll ask you if you tried. And then I will ask you what could be improved. 

Then you’ll get your refund. Simple. 

Start moving forward today.

Download the guide. Start working on getting yourself and your business un-stuck, immediately. As in: right now.

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