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This week we’re keeping it short and sweet. TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) version: Show yourself some grace this week.


The longer version

I got back from this fabulous, amazing, wonderful and fun trip to New York City about a week ago. When I left, I had every intention of coming home and recording a podcast episode the day after I returned.

Didn’t happen.


Que the inner critic

By now you know I’m kind of a perfectionist, and my fellow perfectionists will get how crazy-making this situation could be. If you let it.

The inner critic might be screaming¬†What?! You missed a week of your podcast publishing schedule? Everyone will think you’re a stupid flake now! Might as well give up and never publish another episode again, loser.¬†

Screw it

But you know what? I’m ignoring that inner critic and I’m deciding to show myself some grace.

Am I a little annoyed with myself for not recording a podcast ahead of time? Yup!

Is the world going to end because I wasn’t perfect? Nope!

So, screw it. I missed a week of podcasting–shit happens, right? And in this case, the trip was well worth it!


What about you?

So how’s your week going after our Memorial Day weekend? What things are you beating yourself up for not getting done or not finishing up perfectly?

Show yourself some grace! Then, comment below and tell me how it’s going for you.




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