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What can happen when a perfectionist is honest in business? Opportunity!

Before we start

Let me first just tell you that I’m not advocating that anyone lies to clients or in the course of doing business. I don’t do this and neither should you, in my opinion.

I’m talking about the honesty of admitting that you don’t have all the damn answers all the time.


Perfectionist people-pleasers take note

I will be the first to tell you that this is hard! Telling someone “I don’t know” can be incredibly scary if you feel like you have to be some authority figure or expert who always knows what the hell she’s doing. But have you tried it?


a real business example

You probably know by now if you listen to my podcast regularly that I prefer to give you examples of what I mean, when I can. This episode is no different. Tune in to find out what happened when a self-described people-pleasing perfectionist admitted for once that she didn’t have the answer.

And I didn’t just admit this to myself. I admitted this to a potential client. Which was slightly terrifying because it goes against my desire to be perfect and have all the answers, all the time.


Your business

Once you have a listen to the episode, will you do something for me? Head over to Instagram and either comment on my post or DM me to let me know if you can relate to this episode’s topic. I would love to know if you have a similar belief and expect yourself to have to know everything, and especially if you’ve found some strategies that help you overcome it.


Thanks for listening!

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