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With the current COVID-19 pandemic, do you suddenly find yourself working from home and unsure how to adjust? I put together this episode to help you more quickly adjust to working out of your house, so grab your headphones and listen up.

working from home in a pandemic

The world is a crazy place these days. As I work on this episode, the COVID-19 pandemic is happening and me and my hubby are staying home as much as possible.

We’re very fortunate in that we both have been working from home for quite some time. And, for the fact that we’re able to work from home in the first place–there are so many people right now that must be at work.

Medical workers, emergency and law enforcement, and retail or warehouse workers. These people are amazing and I think I can speak for all of us when I say THANK YOU. That seems rather inadequate but, it’s all I got right now.

newbies to working from home

Now, for those of you who have been told to work from home…how’s it going for you? I know it can be a HUGE challenge to adapt to a home office, especially if you have kids or are an extrovert who thrives on being around people.

Let’s talk about some tips and advice on how to help yourself go a little less crazy (just being honest!) while you get your shit done at home.


create a dedicated work space

I know you likely don’t have a spare room in your house, waiting empty, on the off chance that one day the world would freak out and you’d have to suddenly begin working out of your home.

But, you likely have a corner somewhere in your house or apartment that you can carve out that you can dedicate to your work hours.

If you’re having trouble coming up with something, check out this helpful little article.


create a work routine

Having a semi-consistent routine to follow is going to be a sanity saver for you right now.

I have a morning routine I follow and I share it with you in the episode. Create your own habits to help yourself out as you adjust to your new home office.


pick a quitting time

You need to set limits on your time.

Sticking to set work hours will help you create boundaries between work and life as you navigate this odd time.

Be smart about it and adjust it when needed, but try to give yourself a time to be done with work for the day. Otherwise, you’re going to burn out.


turn on the radio

Thanks to my friend Heidi for inspiring this tip!

If you live alone or find yourself missing the buzz of a typical office, turn on the radio. It will add background noise and, strangely enough, help you feel less lonely.


Make lists

Keep yourself on track by making a list every week with three columns. Keep track of what has to be done this week, what should be done this week, and what would be a bonus if you got done this week.


keep to standard meal times

Trust me when I tell you that grazing while working at home is super easy to do.

Picking out times of the day to eat will help you cut back on this bad habit. It likesly won’t eliminate it, if you’re anything at all like me, but it will help.


What’s your work from home advice?

How are you navigating the opportunity to work from home? Tell me by dropping a comment below or heading to Facebook to start a conversation.

Stay safe and stay healthy!

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