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“Well, I CAN do this…but should I?”

“What’s one (more) little thing to do on this project?”

“Oh sure, why not, I can add this to my schedule too.”


Sound familiar?

If you’ve ever uttered these statements, whether out loud to a client or in your own head, it might be time for a reality check. Sometimes saying yes or I can do that too many times can lead you waaaaaay off course.


Too much ‘yes’

When you’re just starting out in your business, it can be so tempting to say yes to everything and everyone. If you’re any sort of people-pleaser or perfectionist, this combination can lead to way too much ‘yes.’

Consider the following situations:

Paying clients? Hell yeah, I can tackle that project for you! (Even though it’s not really in your skill set or it bores you to tears.)

Volunteer for that horrible fundraiser event…again? Yes, I suppose, I can do that. (Ugh!)


Out in the weeds

Before you know it, all of those relatively small yeses lead you off the beaten path and out into the weeds. You’ve said yes to so many things because, technically, you CAN do them that you suddenly look up and don’t even recognize your business anymore.


Hit pause

If this is resonating with you, it’s time to hit pause and reassess your business. You’re going to have to leave all of your to-do list undone for a hot minute in order to think big picture about business. And about life, because let’s face it: work/life balance isn’t really a thing.


Step #1

If you have 15 minutes, listen in to this podcast episode.

If you have more time, download last week’s episode with Tara Wagner about Business Beliefs, Boundaries & Balance which will help you even more.

Step #2

Your first step is to get clear on where you are in your business. Is it where you want to be headed? If you’re not really sure, I developed a workbook that will help. Go download it (it’s totally free) and pencil in some time to work through it.


Step #3

Join me (and other awesome business women like yourself) in a brand-new, exclusive Facebook group to chat about this topic. Wine and pajamas are encouraged, so get your butt over to the Facebook group and join us!

I’ll be sipping on my red blend, waiting to connect with you!

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