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Perfection is a killer. Not to be all dramatic and everything, but I’m serious.


The Idea Strangler

Our perfectionist tendencies can kill off amazing ideas before they even have a chance to be seen. Overthinking can strangle your poor creativity before you even have a chance to actually create something.


Perfectionism x 2

This is such an important topic that covers a wide range of things. So much so that even though I just recorded another podcast episode with some amazing guests, I’m doing a follow up with today’s show.

Press play to hear more about some examples that I’m personally struggling with when it comes to my own perfectionist tendencies. I also share with you the progress I’ve made and what I’m learning as I push through the perfectionism and the overanalyzing.


Time to take action

I’m hoping that by sharing my struggles and being real with you about the things my perfectionism almost killed, you will have the courage to take some action on whatever you’ve been putting off.

Don’t let your perfectionism kill off your new product or new project! Let’s hold each other accountable for launching our imperfect ideas out into the world, okay?


Accountability partners?

Type your email below and I will let you know when I launch my messy, wildly imperfect, cringe-worthy first draft of my new idea.

In turn, I would love it if you hit reply once you get my email and tell me what project you are going to work on–even though it will be messy and wildly imperfect too.

I can’t wait to hear more about you!

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