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Do you ever feel like an impostor in your business? Many of us do, so you’re not alone if you answered ‘yes’ to this question. Heather Whelpley joins us today for another much-needed conversation about impostor syndrome.


how does impostor syndrome show up?

Ever been sitting in a meeting with your boss, telling her that you want to climb that corporate ladder, only to have something inside of you call you a liar?

Or maybe you’ve been questioning how to get clear on your strengths or how to even figure out whether or not you have valuable qualities to bring to the table (you do!).


who experiences impostor syndrome?

Impostor syndrome and that inner critic can take many forms. If you’ve been listening to the show since the beginning, you know that Lauren Bacon and I had a fantastic conversation about impostor syndrome awhile back.

But this topic is huge. I mean really, really, really huge–as in over 70% of us experience it.

Mind blowing, right?


impostor syndrome & owning your brilliance

You won’t want to miss this conversation with Heather Whelpley, since she brings a fresh perspective along with her experience coaching women through impostor syndrome.

Oh, and if you’re someone who’s struggling a bit to come up with your unique value or your particular strengths, you’ll really want to tune in.

Heather offers up one easy–but powerful–exercise you can do that will show you the value you bring to the table.

She can help you own your brilliance! (What a wonderful phrase!)

Listen in to this podcast episode as Heather outlines what this exercise is and how it can help you. Then make sure you grab the FREE DIY guide that will dive into this exercise in detail!

And, as Heather says: own your brilliance, friend!

Heather mentions some resources in the show, and here they are:

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