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Loneliness & Boundaries: Behind the scenes

Podcast guest interview #2 is up!

Insert big sigh of relief here, please. Podcasting is a lot of effing work!!

I’m learning that it just might be the initial interviewing and recording that is the ‘easiest’ part. It’s certainly quicker. Plus it involves talking to people and learning things, which is fun.

The editing: not so fun. I find it tedious but necessary. I’m also learning that I repeat the same phrases and words frequently. And evidently, I inhale excessively loudly. For real, I didn’t know a person could inhale too loud but…turns out, I do. At least with the shitty microphone I have at the moment.

(Note to self: buy a mic!)

And note to listeners: I’m not dying of strangulation on these podcasts, though it might sound like I’m gasping for air. Strange…I should ask friends if this happens when I talk to them in person. (Though…do I really want to know?!)

But I digress.

After the recording and the chatting and the editing comes publishing and promoting. Publishing isn’t too bad but involves writing up a description that’s clever and incorporates relevant keywords so people can find the content.

Promoting involves a whole crap ton of things, from designing multiple graphics for Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook to this new-fangled thing I discovered today called Audiograms, which I make through Headliner. You wouldn’t think this would take long but, it sure does.

Anyway, podcasting is a lot of work when you’re the only one doing the work. But so worth it!

podcasting with jamie van cuyk

This time around I chatted with Jamie Van Cuyk about a whole bunch of entrepreneurial goodness. Seriously, we ran the gamut from why the hell we feel lonely as work-from-home entrepreneurs and the guilt that’s associated with it all the way to setting boundaries and managing your time as a business owner.


loneliness is a real thing for entrepreneurs

You might not believe this until you’ve worked for yourself and by yourself for a while, but loneliness is a thing. Jamie and I talk about ways to combat that within this episode.


entrepreneurs need boundaries too

All humans need boundaries. It might be doubly true for business owners, solopreneurs, freelancers and entrepreneurs of all kinds. Tune in for a discussion on setting boundaries to get some ideas and advice.

hey, fellow business owner!

Despite having a few *ahem* technical glitches (thanks, wifi, for crapping out on me…) it turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself!

I would be honored if you would check out the podcast and let me know what you think. Drop me a line (brittany(at)classyontheoutside(dot)com) and let me know who you want to hear from next, as long as you’re at it!

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