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what is a multi-passionate entrepreneur?

First up, I have to give credit to Marie Forleo. She is the brilliant mind behind the term “multi-passionate entrepreneur.”

If you haven’t heard that term before, it basically refers to people who have lots and lots of different interests. They’re generally unrelated, or seemingly unrelated. Like cats and coffee–but as you heard, Zanetta Kok blended those interests beautifully into one fantastic business.

This episode offers a little help if you’re struggling a bit with being an entrepreneur with multiple passions or interests. 

pros & cons to being multi-passionate

In a way, it can be fun and interesting to have so many passions that you want to explore. It does keep life interesting because generally you’re always on the next thing or thinking about the next thing you are interested in trying out with your business.

But also, being multi-passionate can be not so fun. Like when you feel paralyzed by endless options and no clear path to take next. Or, feeling stuck in a rut because you’ve got your systems down in your business and just don’t know if or when you should switch things up and add something new or make a change.

In short, being a multi-passionate entrepreneur has its good sides and potentially not so great sides. Like anything, really.


tips for when you have multiple ideas and can’t pick just one

Ideas are kinda like Pringles to us entrepreneurs. You start with just one, but pretty soon you’ve got a whole stack and can’t seem to limit yourself to only one.

Not to fear, because we’re discussing some ways to help you get a new perspective on your multi-passionate self.

I go over a few in the podcast today, but there is one big one I want to point out. And, of course, Marie herself came up with it. (She goes into it in a lot more detail in  her new book, Everything is Figureoutable.)


entrepreneurial idea test

Grab all of those ideas floating around in your head about things you someday want to be or do or try. If you’re a little stuck on whether or not you should pursue an idea, try out a fantastic little test (adapted from Marie’s book).

For every new idea you wrote down, ask yourself a question. Think about the idea and then think about it being 5 or 10  years from today. Will you be disappointed with yourself if you haven’t even attempted this thing by then?

If it’s a “yes,” that gives you a big clue that it’s something worth pursuing. If you write “maybe,” you’re either really indecisive (like me! I think…) or you’re just not that interested in this idea right now. And, obviously, if it’s a “no,” you can put that on the way back burner. Or even forget about it all together for that matter.


are you a multi-passionate entrepreneur?

I’d love to hear from you if you are one of my fellow multi-passionate entrepreneurs! Drop your name and email in the black box below for more goodness about topics like this one. Oh, and I always tell my VIP Insiders when fun new things are about to happen–and you know they will because I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur who hates to be bored!


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