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New year, new resolutions

Ahh, January. The time when everything feels a little like a fresh start with so much potential. The month when people stick to their New Year’s resolutions, if they made them. But only until riiiiiiight about…!


Resolution check-in

Okay, okay, I know that some of you are amazing at setting your New Year’s resolutions and actually sticking to them. Some of us aren’t so great at that though.

There tends to be three camps when it comes to resolutions: 1) Those that make resolutions and stick to them throughout the year 2) Those that have good intentions, set a resolution on New Year’s, and then kind of fizzle out and 3) Those that just don’t set any stinking resolutions at all.

Which camp do you fall into?


Resolution reality check

No matter which of the three types you relate to the most, you’ll want to tune into today’s podcast episode. It’s really crucial that as you make your resolutions or pursue your business goals, you don’t get stuck in the trap of comparison and crushing expectations.


comparison and defeat

It really can be so easy to start comparing yourself or your business to other people, especially if you use social media. And while comparison and setting expectations for yourself can be helpful and provide you with motivation to achieve your goals, it can quickly spiral into a negative thing–often without us even knowing it’s happening.


resolution reminder

You’ll hear more about comparison as you listen to the episode, but if you take nothing else away from these podcast notes, I want you to remember this:

Find a way to do your own thing in your own style.

It’s the best way to keep on going with your resolutions. Or to move toward your business goals.


do you do resolutions?

Now, it’s your turn. Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Or do you skip them? I’d love to hear from you and I’d love to have you in my VIP Insiders group. Drop your name and email below to start the conversation!

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