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It’s October 1st. Have you hit your business goals for the year?


October and your business

Is your first reaction to that question kind of panicky? As in, “Ohhhhhhhh my gosh….it’s already October and I am not on track with my business goals. I only have three months until the end of 2019!!! What if I don’t hit my professional goals?!”

If this sounds like you, then you need to take 10 minutes and listen to this podcast episode!


Business goals

Ok, first up, you know I like to give you honest examples in all of my podcast episodes. So if you have a business goal, such as revenue, that you aren’t on target to hit for the year…grab your wine glass and take some notes.

You’re going to want to prepare yourself against the onslaught of messages coming at you from a billion different angles, too. You know the ones:

“You ONLY have 3 months left of 2019! How will you make your first million dollars in three months if you’re not working 28 hours a day?!”

“Sleep?! WTF! No entrepreneur SLEEPS! Get your butt off the couch and WORK MORE.”

“Not hitting your goals for the year is failing and that is unacceptable!”


I don’t know about you, but I have gotten pretty damn tired of these unhelpful statements. They kind of contribute to that panicky feeling, don’t they?


try another perspective

Instead of panicking that you may not reach the goals you set for your business, let’s get some perspective.

It’s not always easy to flip your thinking around, especially if you’re freaking out about something. That’s why I’m offering you five short, simple and quick ways to check in on your perspective around the idea of goals and business as we start the month of October.

  1. Are your goals realistic?
  2. Is the world going to end?
  3. Can you keep working toward your business goals?
  4. Don’t burn yourself out!
  5. Get the f**k off of social media!


Bottom line? It’s YOUR business

Hey, if those panic-inducing messages work well for you, then more power to you. Seriously, I’m glad for you!

But if, like several of your fellow female entrepreneurs, you find them unhelpful and–dare I say it?–toxic, then give yourself permission to ignore them.

It’s YOUR business. They’re YOUR business goals. Give yourself permission to ignore the unhelpful crap and do what works for you and your business!

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