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If you’ve ever felt…

  • like you don’t fit in
  • that you were meant for more but don’t quite know what ‘more’ is
  • trapped in a dark, hopeless spot
  • as though you look like you have it all together but actually don’t
  • just plain ‘not enough’

…then this podcast episode with Jaymie Gerena, my friend, is a must-listen for you.

While your journey will look different than Jaymie’s or mine or your best friend’s, if you’ve ever felt any of these things you are going to absolutely relate to this episode. In it, Jaymie gets real with us about her journey that took her from feeling hopeless and awful to living out her purpose to serve others. It is truly a story of transformation that we can all learn something from.

Plus, we’re going to make you feel guilty for not taking a nap! (Only kidding…sort of!)

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Links mentioned in the episode:
Jaymie’s website
Jaymie’s Instagram

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