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I thought it was time for a little humor, ya’ll. This blog has been way too serious so far, don’t you think?

Let me start with this little graphic I made:

Classy on the Outside


Michael Kors on the Outside, PB&J Uncrustable on the Inside





















Allow me to explain. (I know, it boggles the mind that there could be a logical way to link these two, right? Clearly you need to get to know me–this shit is normal in my life!)

Our community hosts a few outdoor concerts in the summer every year and this week happened to be one of them. My friend, Joanna,  who was the kickstarter of Classy On The Outside, finally attended.

I say finally because for a few weeks in a row, I’d take a selfie with a mutual friend and send it over to Joanna. We kept trying to convince her to come to one and she did this week.

So as we’re hanging out at this outdoor concert, practically everyone in the area (which was upwards of 3,000 people) that walked by our table stopped and talked to her. She’s a well-known, super classy lady so of course everyone wants to talk to her. And, as you’ll see, she’s pretty frickin’ awesome.

During a lull in her parade of many, many admirers we got to talking about the food vendors that were at the event. She told me she wasn’t really sure what to expect so she came ‘prepared’ and gestured to her purse.

(This purse happens to be a gorgeous wine-colored Michael Kors bag so I want you to keep this picture in your mind, k?)

I asked what she meant by that, expecting her to pull out a couple of travel-size bottles of Rumchata or vodka or something with booze in it.


Out comes an Uncrustable PB&J sandwich.

I shit you not, this super classy friend of mine that the entire community admires for her poise and connections had a PB&J sammich in her Michael Kors purse. And actually, not one but TWO sammiches.

I’m proud to say she ate them both and I laughed my ass off at her. This is why we’re friends!

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