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people pleasing perfectionist

Kathy Frogosa, solopreneur, used to be a people pleasing perfectionist. She knows what it’s like to feel ‘lost’ or like you don’t even know yourself. She’s been there and today she’s sharing her transformation with us.


Living out of fear

Kathy wasn’t always confident and didn’t always own her lovable quirks (she refers to herself as Miss Quirky now and embraces it!). She was living out of fear and therefore not even living her life. She was missing out!


Pleasing everyone is impossible

Eventually Kathy went through something that really woke her up to how she was living. She knew she didn’t want to live out of fear anymore. She wanted to figure out who she really was, not who she thought other people expected her to be.

Put simply: Kathy learned that pleasing everyone is impossible. So, she set about figuring out what made her happy.


confident solopreneur

Today, Kathy is a fun, vibrant person and pretty confident in who she is. She owns a business and she is all about helping other women. She knows her values and she embraces those quirks. She’s living out of abundance, not fear, and both she and her business are all the better for it.


the journey

As you might suspect, her journey to get from people pleasing perfectionist to confident solopreneur wasn’t exactly easy. Luckily for us, Kathy shares some of the major resources and tools that helped get her where she is today:

  • Awareness-Curiosity-Compassion (thanks Eff Perfect!)
  • Alignment of values
  • Books and courses
  • Following and respecting energy levels
  • Trying new things
  • Throwing other people’s rules out the window
  • Being prepared for cycles


in summary

Kathy shares so much goodness and reveals a lot about her journey, which is both inspiring and encouraging to fellow perfectionists and people pleasers. She even mentions how Stitch Fix played a role in helping her figure out who exactly she was along with her likes and dislikes! (Side note: if you’re a Stitch Fix newbie, grab this $25 credit.)

Tune in and get ready to be inspired!


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