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Are you wondering whether it’s time to shut down some things in your business? Do you ever have that kind of vague feeling that something needs to change within your business? Are there some major challenges or stresses happening for you that make you question your entire business?

Or maybe you’re just curious how someone starts multiple businesses.

Louise Henry definitely knows, because she’s lived it. She currently owns and operates Solopreneur Sidekick, which is actually her third business. She’s made some tough decisions along the way, like deciding when it was time to make a change or a pivot within her businesses.

Even more than that, she had to decide when it was time to shut down her business altogether because it just wasn’t a good fit for her anymore.

If you’re at a spot where something in your business just isn’t quite feeling right, you know something needs to change within your business (but aren’t sure what) or you’re wondering whether your business is even serving you anymore…you gotta tune in to this one.

You’ll hear from someone who’s been in your shoes and survived through all those tough spots and made those difficult decisions. But you’ll also hear some business tips from Louise like how to stay focused on one idea at a time, why feeling comfortable isn’t necessarily a good thing and how being a newbie has its advantages.

This episode is less than an hour long but it’s jam-packed with entrepreneurial goodness. Also, I was so inspired by the conversation with Louise that I created something to help you through those business struggles.

The exercise I created has lots of helpful information for you. There are ten questions that will help you get clear if you’ve been wondering whether to change something, shut some things down or just keep pushing through to make it work.

Oh, and it’s totally and completely FREE.

You’ve got nothing to lose by downloading it and you’ve got so much clarity to gain!

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