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new year, new podcast episode

It’s a brand new year and the Classy on the Outside podcast is back! I took a break from the podcast and this business in general for the end of 2019, but I have some fresh new ideas for the podcast in 2020.


new year, new podcast plan

First thing’s first: I don’t have a 12 month podcast plan. I don’t have all the podcast guests for 2020 lined up and scheduled.

What I do have?

A goal to shake things up and have fun in the new year.


new year, new goal

I know that “having fun” isn’t exactly a traditional goal for the new year. Or at any time, really. But this podcast is less of a business and more of a hobby or creative outlet for me right now. You guys all know if you’ve listened to previous episodes that producing the podcast isn’t easy and it isn’t exactly a cash cow.

But my goal of having fun came about after learning some lessons in my podcast hiatus. I also realized that I kind of missed the whole podcasting thing after getting a message from Jenna of Eff Perfect and being a guest on another podcast for the first time ever.


New year, new ideas

So just what can you expect from the new podcasting plan in the new year, besides “having fun?”

Well, you can expect more off-the-wall shit this year for one thing. Maybe there will be online courses. Maybe there will be a mini-series of episodes within the podcast. Maybe there will be day-drinking with business women who kick ass and enjoy discussing all the weird stuff about business over a glass of wine or two.

Who knows?

What I do know is that I’m going to try different ideas and not be so worried about what you think. Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude. I do want to you like to the podcast. But I don’t want to get myself so stuck in a rut that I don’t have fun anymore–which is entirely my own fault and part of what happened in 2019.


new year, new podcast episodes

I have some episodes planned out for the year ahead. I also have a lot of blank space.

I hope you’ll tune in to the podcast as I release more new episodes every week in 2020. I also hope that you’ll let me know what you think of them, and the new stuff I’ll be experimenting with this year.

While I don’t want to be too scared to try anything for fear that you might not like it…I do want to know about what you do and don’t like about the new ideas I’ll be trying out this year.

Feel free to email me (brittany(at)classyontheoutside(dot)com and tell me what you think. Just be kind! 😉

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