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Self care ideas abound online, but it can be annoying and time-consuming to sift through all the fluff-filled lists. You know the lists I mean, right? The ones with “100+ ideas for self care” that really only repeat the same eight ideas over and over again with different words. *insert eye roll here*

Perfectionism & procrastination

Plus, if you’re a fellow perfectionist you might be procrastinating trying out some different self care ideas. It’s tough to dive into something new, especially in such a grey area as this. Self care can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. And, to be blunt, some people just cheese it up so it feels annoying and childish rather than practical and relatable.

following up

If you listened to last week’s podcast on the importance of self care in business, you already understand why taking care of yourself is crucial for your business. But I got to thinking about all of my fellow perfectionist solopreneurs and business owners and work-from-home ladies who might need a little extra nudge to try self care.


So, I thought that it might be helpful for you if you had a list of self care ideas to look at. Not only that, but I only included ideas that are practical and helpful. I also only included things that I have tried or would try–not the fluffy bullshit that you typically find online. Scroll down to grab the free list of ideas and see what sparks your interest.

setting the expectations

Before you grab the list I made for you though, take a listen to this podcast episode. I promise I’m not reading off the entire list of ideas here–how boring would that be?! Instead, I dive into just one of the self care ideas that I tried out and explain why it didn’t work so well for me and how you can avoid the pitfall of unrealistic expectations.

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