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I’m not really sorry. 

This week happens to the Fourth of July holiday here in the States. Which means all kinds of fun things: barbeques, fireworks, (hopefully) nice warm weather to enjoy, food and with any luck a little day drinking. 

It’s also a short work week for most of us. I for one plan to take the 4th off and only work for a few hours on the day after. 

I also decided today not to release a new podcast episode this week and call it a holiday week for myself.

Cue the guilt! 

Yup, that nagging guilty feeling rapidly came up. My fellow solopreneuers who are also perfectionists are going to immediately pick up what I’m putting down here. Also, my fellow impostor syndrome sufferers will get this, too. 

I’ve been toying with the idea of holding off on a new episode release since sometime last week. But I didn’t commit to it. I was like “Mmmm let’s see how the week goes. Maybe I can do my editing and create all the promo stuff on Monday (which happens to be the day I’m writing this).” 

Yeah. Well…No. 

I’m dealing with some personal shit (nothing I can’t handle) and also trying to run a business, a side job and oh yeah–a podcast. 

I’m freakin’ tired, ya’ll! And dammit, I’m not getting paid the big bucks (yet!) to do all this stuff. So I’m taking me some time off to enjoy the holiday. 

Well, I’m taking time off from most of my business-related stuff, anyway. Hey, baby steps, right? 

So instead of a podcast episode, you’ve got this little blog post to read. And if your inner critic is shouting at you that you’re not working hard enough this week either, check out this podcast episode all about showing yourself some grace.

Then go grab a drink and a book and chill the fuck out! 😉 (That goes for me, too.)

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