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Last week we talked about New Year’s resolutions along with a timely reminder to avoid the comparison trap. But what about the reminder to stop doing what doesn’t work for your business in 2020?


if it feels like a boulder…

Ya’ll know my love/hate relationship with Instagram. I know I keep using it as an example but it’s just too darn good not to!

In this case, Instagram is my boulder that I’ve been trying for so long to push up a really icy mountainside. And every damn time I think I make progress with it, BOOM. Shadow-banned. Or I lose eight followers after being so excited to connect with four new people.

And then, it hit me.


stop what doesn’t work

Okay, not literally. But metaphorically speaking, anyway.

I realized that Instagram is a thing that hasn’t been working for my business and it’s okay to stop doing it (or at least cut way back) in 2020. It was making me feel  like crap about myself and my podcast and my business while simultaneously not achieving…anything?

Why the heck wouldn’t I stop doing it then, right?


what will you stop in 2020?

My point and my suggestion to you is to evaluate what your “boulder” looks like. What’s going on in your business that makes you frustrated and want to run away to Maui?

Maybe you have a hard time saying no to ridiculous client requests, or maybe you, too, struggle with a particular social media platform for your business.

Take five after you listen to this episode and check into what doesn’t work for your business or what makes you so frustrated that it’s no longer worth the hassle.

Then stop doing it in 2020.


stop what doesn’t work (mostly)

One final thing: you can’t not pay your bills or your taxes. You’re smart and you know that, but I just want to be totally clear that I’m not advocating you stop doing those types of things.

What will you stop that doesn’t work for you or your business in 2020?

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