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The business of podcasting

It’s been a year since I started my podcast all about the things in business that no one else has been talking about. Today, we’re taking a look behind the scenes at how it’s gone.


just being real

The release date for this episode marks exactly one year since I hit publish on that very first podcast episode. I was trying to decide what to do for this show since it’s launching at the one year mark and finally I got an idea: just be real!

I’m pulling back the curtain on the last 12 months of my podcasting venture/business called Classy on the Outside. This show is all about having conversations about the actual realities of being in business, so it’s only fitting that I share with you, honestly, my successes and my “not-successes” of this venture (that I’m hoping will turn into a business).



Full transparency ahead: If you tune in, you’re going to hear where I’m at with revenue, podcast downloads and social media reach. Creating a business from scratch doesn’t come without its share of disappointments and frustrations, and this podcast is no different.

There are things I’m disappointed in and frustrated with on this journey of being a solopreneur-podcaster-business owner.

I’m not calling these things “failures” at this point, but rather “not-successes.” It feels more optimistic!



Yes, we need to look at the areas where we may fall short in business. But it’s equally important to look at the areas where our businesses are doing well.

In the episode, I’m being just as real with you about some of the successes I’ve had with the podcast. It’s not all necessarily business-related or numbers-focused, either. My successes in podcasting are a little more intangible and encompass things like helping people,  making connections and a little personal development in addition to the professional side of things.


fellow business owners

I’m sharing all of this to provide that honesty and transparency that we need more of in the entrepreneurial world. No one’s business is perfect and no one gets to skip over the not-successes of  being in business. So, take a listen if you agree that we need a little more honesty about our journeys as business owners.


Giveaway details

Okay, so at the end of the episode after giving you the details about the not-successes and the successes, I’m dropping some hints about a giveaway coming up.

I’ll be releasing the date and additional details of the giveaway first and foremost to my VIP Insiders. They’ll get the jump on how and when to enter.

I’m not about to spill all the details just yet, but if you do want to be ahead of everyone else and find out what the heck I’m up to before most people–you gotta join my VIP Insiders! Drop your email below.


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