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There are plenty of tough things that pop up for entrepreneurs that work from home, but there are plenty of good things too. Let’s explore the top five perks of running your business from home in today’s episode.


work from home in your pjs

No list of perks about working from home is complete without mentioning the fact that working your business from your home means you can wear your pajamas.

Can I get a hell yeah from my fellow Minnesotans?! Winter is brutal and there’s nothing like getting shit done during a blizzard while I’m in my pjs, working away on my business in cozy warmth.


The flexibility of running a business

My personal favorite of all the perks that come with working from home? Flexibility.

I can run errands during the day when no one else is around and it’s glorious. I can work early in the morning or late at night or on the weekend. Or maybe not even at all if I decide to clear my schedule and take a little break.



entrepreneurs can say no

You run your own business so you call the shots. That includes saying no to clients, potential clients and other people you deal with throughout the course of doing business.

You don’t have a boss looking over your shoulder and telling you that you have to do something “because I said so.” (Insert eye roll here, am I right?)


set your own business pricing

I know a lot of us entrepreneurs struggle with setting our prices, but it is kind of an amazing perk. You can be flexible with them if you want to, or stick to your guns.

It’s totally up to you!


your business day is more productive

Working in an office comes with so many distractions! Working from home means no parade of coworkers through your office, looking for a venting session (again). You can do your work and do it well, typically in a fraction of the stereotypical ‘9 to 5’ workday that comes with most full time jobs.


exciting podcast announcement

Now that you remember why you love working from home so much, check this out:

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I’m rolling out a podcasting course that will help you take your podcast from idea to launch and have created a waitlist for those who want some guidance in starting their podcast.

Head over here and drop your name and email into the short form to lock in your discounted rate. Easy!


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