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trying something new in business

Does it ever seem like you get stuck in a rut within your business? Sometimes, as entrepreneurs, we get stuck without even knowing it!  It might be because we are afraid to try new things or because we tend to make up “rules” for ourselves and stick to them. (After all, who else is around but you to get the work done?!)

But it’s so important to give yourself permission to try something new!


but first, remember this tip

I know from experience that trying out something new can be intimidating. Sometimes, I get this crazy idea that if I do start implementing a new way of doing things within my business I will have to do it forever. Everyone will notice that this thing changed and then I will be stuck doing the new thing always.

But that’s simply not true!

It is totally possible and perhaps even advisable to keep things on the down low (or is the low down?) when you’re trying out some new stuff in your business. Just because you are exploring the idea of offering a new service or product at your company doesn’t mean you have to announce it to the whole world. Wait until you test it out a little and see if it flops or takes off.


A real-life business example

You didn’t think we’d get this far in the show notes and not talk about an example, did you?

I dive into the backstory in the episode today, but I am in the very midst of trying out a brand new thing within my own business. I get asked questions about the how-to of podcasting so I’m finally trying out the idea of creating an online course. But before I sink a bunch of time into creating a course that I’m not yet sure will be helpful to people, I’m taking a friendly suggestion and trying my idea out one on one.

For free.


Podcasting 101 (or 1 ON 1)

Here’s my idea: I’m offering virtual sessions where I help female entrepreneurs get their podcast planned, prepped and launched out into the world. I’m not charging them a dime. Instead, I ask for their feedback and a testimonial at the end so I can work toward my idea of creating an online version that’s accessible to everyone.

If you’ve been contemplating the idea of starting your own podcast, but aren’t sure where to start…fill out the contact form below to see if we’re a good fit. I’m only offering a handful of slots for this free one on one help and plan to close it out at the end of this month so get your form in before it’s too late! I may or may not create a course out of this, but that will definitely cost money. This doesn’t!


podcasting doesn’t have to be your new thing

Not into podcasting? No problem! I hope you still take this episode as your cue to go shake something up a little within your business if you’ve been feeling…off…or stuck in the same old, same old crap.

Enjoy it!

contact me to reserve your podcasting 101 spot:

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