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What amazing-ness could possibly come from drinking white cosmos and singing karaoke at 3am?

Only the career of one of the most fantastic experts on the Impostor Complex, that’s what!

If you don’t get this, you need to listen to the podcast interview with Tanya Geisler. Interviewing her was a pure delight! I don’t even know how she managed to bring so much information to the table in just one hour, but she sure as hell did.

For instance, Tanya discusses:

  • 12 truths and one lie about the Impostor Complex
  • 6 behavior traits to watch for
  • 3 objectives of the Complex
  • Why it’s not really Impostor ‘Syndrome’
  • And why it’s actually kind of a good thing if you feel like a fraud!

Ok and this here’s what the kids these days call a spoiler alert, so keep scrolling if you don’t want to know yet. But, you know how I always end the show with asking you to join me on future episodes where we’ll laugh, cry and maybe even tear up a little?

Well, Tanya had me tearing up a little. Which I don’t do often. In front of other humans, anyway.

So tune in, then come back here and leave a comment about what your favorite part of this episode was.

Oh, and make sure you’re on the VIP list!

Links and resources mentioned in the episode:
-Tanya’s website, including her blog
-The ‘Unshakeable Confidence’ quiz
-Tanya’s Instagram
‘The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women’ by Valerie Young

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