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As a business owner, how do you know when to say ‘no’ to a project or a prospect? There are some common red flags to watch out for, and we’re discussing them on today’s podcast episode.


an example from my writing business

There’s nothing quite like a story or an example to help illustrate a point, and today’s topic is no exception.

By day, I run a marketing and writing freelance business and recently made the decision to step away from a project with a new prospect that seemed really promising.


project red flags

While I’m not providing any identifying details, there are some red flags that popped up with this prospect.

You probably have a completely different type of business than I do, but these signs will help you identify which projects or prospects you should say no to.

If you’re having some trouble deciding whether you should take on a project, take a look at the interaction you’ve had with the prospect so far.

Here’s a checklist for you:

  • Does their process make sense and do they stick to what they say they are going to do?
  • Are they asking for or expecting anything for free?
  • Is their rate of compensation or pay low?
  • Are they willing to negotiate?

trusting your no

It’s totally okay to turn down a project! You’re well within your rights, and even your duties, as a business owner.

If you choose to say no to working with a prospect or new client, just be tactful about it.




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