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Ahhh the perks of working from home. You can roll out of bed, grab your coffee and walk 10 steps to your office to work the day away, all while sometimes not happening upon another human.

While this might actually sound ideal for those of us with introverted tendencies, things can get awkward in a hurry when you work from home.

Karima Negmouche started her own business and knows full well the…interesting…conundrums that are part and parcel to working out of your home. We connected because of her Facebook post about that whole ‘to wear makeup today or not to wear makeup today’ dilemma that we work-from-home women regularly face.

Beyond that, Karima also dishes on her go-to tactics to push past her inner critic, why getting ready for the day is actually kind of important and that it’s totally okay to be multi-passionate. Plus, she shares her number one tip to help you get started on the path of better self-care. (Spoiler alert: it’s not at all cheesy and it’s totally doable!)

Listen in as Karima and I chat, then come back here and let us know what your number one tip for self care is!

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~Karima’s website
~Karima’s Instagram

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