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You listen to the weekly podcasts. You’re on the VIP Insiders list. But you find yourself wanting a little more in-depth help on all things business and personal development. Look no further, friend! Here you’ll find some helpful guides, checklists, workbooks and downloads that will give you and your business the help you are looking for. Best of all, everything you see here is completely free! Just click any of the images to download.

dealing with overwhelm

Everyone gets overwhelmed sometimes, especially business owners and solopreneurs who work alone. When you’re in the midst of it though, it’s hard to see your way through it. Download this checklist to help you push through, gain momentum and take care of yourself (and by extenstion, your business).

5 signs you are undercharging

Knowing what to charge for your product or service can be a lot like wandering around in a dark room, hoping to stumble upon the exit door. If you suspect you might be undercharging but don’t have a clue how to figure it out, download this PDF to read up on five signs that may signal you’re undercharging.

10 ‘crazy’ business owner problems

Did you start a business knowing there’d be some tough shit to work through? Only to be surprised by all the weird shit to work through! And no one warned you about any of it, so you end up feeling like you’re the only business owner on planet Earth that has these weird problems. Spoiler alert: you’re not. Download this PDF and read up on 10 ‘crazy’ problems business owners have that are actually quite common and dare I say, normal!

pivot, quit or succeed?

The struggles of business owners and solopreneurs are real! How do you know if you’re just having a bad day or if you need to make a major change in your business? What if you’re thinking about shutting it down or quitting altogether but you keep waffling back and forth on the decision? Download this workbook to get clear on whether you should pivot, quit or push on through to success with your business.

self care ideas

You know that you need to take care of yourself in order to have a thriving business, but so far the idea of ‘self care’ just sounds cheesy. And you’re kind of right–there’s a lot of fluffy BS to wade through in order to get some practical tips and ideas for implementing self care into your schedule. Download this handy list of non-cheesy ideas for some inspiration to try self care that will improve you and your business.

Uncovering your awesome to get un-stuck

Do you ever have the feeling that you aren’t really that good at anything? Or that you’re just not cut out for anything great? Those feelings can definitely keep you stuck if you don’t do anything about them. Start with this simple exercise to start figuring out your awesome-ness and get on your way to getting yourself or your business un-stuck.

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