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Classy on the Outside, Awkward on the Inside

Classy on the Outside, Awkward on the Inside

  Awkward. When it comes to being awkward, I pretty much take the crown there. Awhile back I asked my Instagram peeps (did I just try to be cool there?) if they wanted me to share the reason why I call myself the CAO of Classy on the Outside. The answer was a...

Classy on the Outside, Bitchy on the Inside?

Guys, this is gonna be short and sweet. (Wait..scratch that. Short and…REAL.) Some days, the little things add up. This week has been a long week. I have no idea why, it’s not been that horrible. Unless, of course, you count the effing polar vortex in Minnesota...

Classy on the Outside, PB&J on the Inside

I thought it was time for a little humor, ya’ll. This blog has been way too serious so far, don’t you think? Let me start with this little graphic I made:   Michael Kors on the Outside, PB&J Uncrustable on the Inside            ...

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